18 Jun. 2023 07:07

EU Legislation power AI - ChatControl #HumanRights

First, I want to congratulate the EU Parliament for banning bio metric surveillance in public places, in its recommendation for AI Act. However the position of the Parliament, failed to protect the Worlds most vulnerable population, the migrants and refugees, from discriminating AI profiling. As a European citizen, I urge you to: 1. place humanity first in your decision making; 2. include peace processes as a priority, when taking position in matters, regarding conflict ridden regions and the affected population (not how to "contain" migration, but how to build peace, that automatically reduces the people fleeing their countries because of conflicts); and 3. engage European citizens in legislative decision making, propose a direct democratic referendum, before legislation is passed giving the citizens a final say. You were elected to represent the people of Europe, regardless of party affiliation, human rights; transparency; honesty; and integrity should be the core values each EU Parliamentarians adheres to. Not ever before, fundamental human rights of the European citizens have been under attack, under new legislation's proposed by the EU Commission. Next in line is a CSAR legislation that would break privacy in correspondence, followed by EU Government’s “Going Dark” program. You, as an individual and representative have the power to stop these legislation's getting implemented. Today is not the time to follow the party position, but what you as a person, a human being know what is right. Take position based on humanity, contrary to following the mass politics, vote for right to privacy, freedom of opinion, that further creates trust on 500 million citizens. This carry's farther and most importantly it saves Democracy that is currently in free fall.

18 Jun. 2023 07:07

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